Confederate Soldiers Buried at Bethel Cemetery

Roll of Honor, Confederate Soldiers 


Adams , J. Leander

Howe, John J.

Adams, John Hope

Jackson, Joseph L.

Adams, Robert L.

Jackson, Andrew H.

Andrews, L. C.

Jackson, Benjamin N.

Armstrong, William F.

Jackson, D.

Barnett, John Nelson

Jackson, David H.

Barry, W. R.

Jackson, J. O.

Bigger, A. B.

Jackson, R. A.

Bigger, M. A.

Jackson, R. M.

Boyd, F. T.

Jackson, Samuel W.

Boyd, John H.

Jackson, W. B.

Boyd, Thomas J.

Johnston, David Milton

Boyd , Thomas M.

Johnston, W. G.

Brandon. George C.

Johnston, Samuel C.

Brandon, James David

Campbell, Isaac A.

Latta, F.J.M.

Campbell, Napoleon B.

Mason, George Washington

Campbell, William E.

Mason, Larkin Monroe

Currence, Milton H.

McCully, James C.

Currence, Peyton Randolph

McCully, S. H.

Currence, R. E. Davidson

McKenzie, Arthur A.

Currence, William A.

Martin, R. H.

Davidson,  James F.

Meek, John S.

Davidson, S. L.

Meek, R. R.

Davis, Thomas

Mellon, George W.

Finley, William G.

Moore, Eli Peyton

Fitchett, Jonathan

Patrick, J. Clinton

Glenn, David Johnston

Patrick, R. V.
Glenn, James Henry

Petty, Charles Q.

Glenn, John F.

Riddle, George M. A. C.

Glenn, John Franklin

Robinson, E. A.

Glenn,  John G.

Sifford, M. L.

Glenn, Samuel Leroy

Stewart, William N.

Glenn, William R.

Stowe, S. D.

Hall, Benjamin F.

Timberlick, John C.

Harper, Andrew J.

Wallace, J. A.

Hemphill, David A.

Wilson, Gazaway

Hemphill, Hugh B.

Wilson, J. J.

Hill, L. S.








"There have also been many Bethel men who served in later wars ... Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm and now the Iraq War. Fifty-two young men from Bethel Church served in World War II with only one casualty, Ernest L. Flanagan. The record of the Bethel soldiers is not only above reproach but worthy of a liberal amount of praise."